Tableau for Teens!

Data is all around us, and we see its beauty everywhere. It is a field that kids are never too young to learn. We bring the data analysis and visualization course in Tableau for our young generation, where they will learn the conepts of connecting with data, analyzing, visual representation, and putting it all together as interactive dashboards – all over one weekend! They will come out of this program excited to get started on visualizing and dashboarding every type of data.

Why Tableau?

  • One of the most commonly used application in the industry (Think internship options it will open for you)
  • Tableau makes it easier to create powerful visual information that communicates what is important better than a spreadsheet or text table.
  • Tableau is a Business Intelligence industry Leader on Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant”
  • Tableau has Excellent Out of box visualizations
  • Easy to learn, Intuitive and Advanced Analytics for everyone

Why Us for your Tableau learning?

  • Highly qualified instructor(s)
  • Affordable prices for a best-of-the class course
  • Two days long interactive session with tons of hands-on practice
  • Meaningful assignments to ensure your continued learning even after the bootcamp
  • We make it easy for you to learn quickly
  • Strong relations with industry that affords internships, and even job placement
  • Introductory price is for limited period only

2 Days  July 11/12

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